Your Guide To Wedding Hairstyles

Here is a short checklist to keep in mind when choosing a wedding hairstyle:

  • Find a few hairstyles you like and try them out BEFORE the wedding, not the night before! It’s important to choose a style that is possible with your hair type and length.
  • Find a hairstyle that suits your overall bridal look! If you are wearing flowers in your hair, maybe consider wearing your hair down in beachy waves.
  • Find a hairstyle that compliments your dress. For example, a simple updo for a dress with plenty of beads and lace.
  • Be realistic and be open-minded to new hairstyles.



Buns, buns, buns

This look screams chic, simple and lovely, and who doesn’t want to be all of that on their wedding day? This hairstyle can be pulled off without too much hairspray and hot irons and you can glam it up with a beaded band. The bun can be worn low, high, messy, or neat, dependent on your preference.


Simple accessories can be added to the bun to glam it up.


This a fancy look for a fancy affair.



The mighty Chignon

Chignons come in many varieties. It’s like a distant cousin of the more popular bun. In fact, the word ‘Chignon’ is a fancy way of saying ‘bun’ in French. You need to have an army of bobby pins to pull off this look, but with a professional hairstylist, it is achievable! Chignons are usually worn for formal nights and no surprise here – weddings! You can’t go wrong with this look.




French braid

Amp up the romance with a French braid. We are also obsessed with the French after all they are known for their culture of love. The opportunities here are ENDLESS! From fishtail to bohemian, you can decorate it with a tiara, hair clips, or decorative combs; it’s all about personal style. You can pull this look off with your beach or glam wedding gown and you are bound to look like a natural goddess-like beauty!


A side braid is like a canvas for bold hair accessories.


You get the best of both worlds with this hairstyle.



Half up, half down

With this look, you have the best of both worlds! You get to show off your stunning locks on one side while tying it up with a tad bit of sophistication on the other side. You could go another direction with this hairstyle, by not combing your locks but letting them hang naturally, whether curly or straight.



Curls and waves

No hairstyle says pretty princess like this gem. Just imagine how the breeze will lightly lift your hair as you walk down the aisle, picture-perfect isn’t it? You have the option of using a curler for more defined waves or braid overnight and un-braid the next morning.


You can never go wrong with a head of curls.


This hairstyle is simple and classy.



Straight and sleek

We love this hairstyle, sleek and classy to the core! The middle parting is angelic and makes any bride look like a stunner. With natural makeup and minimal accessories, you’ll look like a keeper. With the professional use of a flat iron and some patience, you are ready to go!


We hope our guide has got you excited enough to plan your ideal hairstyle for your wedding.

Remember ladies; your hairstyle is a way to showcase your personal style, so don’t shy away from expressing yourselves through the length, style, or even colour.

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