Amy: RENEW PRODUCT REVIEW: I’m very impressed with Renew Perfect Colour Range! I love having the ability to create bold and vibrant hair colours in the comfort of my home, with a completely affordable price. DIY trick is a thing for me and if you follow all the steps from my video, you can achieve any colour of your dreams. As much as I am always keen to try out new hair colours as they change every year, I never expected this surprise from Renew and they exceeded my expectations with the Perfect Colour Range. It would be a lie to say I am not loving the feel of it on my hair (It’s infused with Argan Oil!) If you don’t want to be left in the dark this festive season, be bold and try one of Renew Perfect Colour shades. I am flaunting my Ocean Burst colour this festive season on the beach with family and friends. This colour has put a smile on my face and many eyes on my hair. My hair feels super healthy and conditioned after each treatment, which makes me love my colour even more. You can achieve whatever the look you want in these 3 easy steps. Simply do the followings: Pre-lighten your hair to a medium blonde. Next, get perfect vivid colour by applying the Renew Perfect Colour cream. Treat your hair for longer with the 2 weekly conditioning treatments included in the pack, and complete the look by adding a little sparkle with the shine serum (they’ve included it in the pack which is a bonus). Share your hair colour by Renew and stand a chance to win this festive season. read less


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