Blonde Highlights Kit

Blonde highlights kit Renew

Highlight your Shine!

Renew’s luxurious highlight kit provides natural looking highlights at home…quickly, easily, permanently!


The Secret

Renew’s Keratin Boost Formula is designed to provide glowing highlights for up to six weeks. Nourish and refresh your hair with Renew’s luxury conditioner enriched with Aloe Vera and Milk Protein. For a silky radiant look and tantalizing fragrance to leave you feeling renewed.

Your Highlight Colour kit Contains:
1 x Highlighting Powder Bottle
1 x Colour Developer Bottle
1 x Aloe & Milk Protein Conditioner Sachet
1 x Pair of gloves
1 x Instruction leaflet
1x Highlighting Cap*
1x Expert Brush*
1x Apron*
1x Needle*

*Not included in the refill kit

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