5 Tips For Achieving Highlights At Home

Getting highlights at home doesn’t have to spell dread. As the experts in home colour, we know that it’s easier than you think to get the desired end result.

Although there are several highlight colours to choose from, there’s at least one that is ideal for your current shade. If you’re not completely sure which one that is, we even have an article on that right

Once you’ve chosen the colour that will work best, you can get started on a brand new look. Before we get too carried away, we’ve put together some pointers.

When it comes to getting those gorgeous highlights from the comfort of your own home, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Select a highlights product that you can trust

By choosing a pack from a provider that you can depend on, you are more likely to end up happy with the finished effect. At Renew, we’ve worked long and hard to bring our customers a range of hair colour highlights that they can rely on.

This means stunning shades that make an impact without compromising your hair or your pocket.

2. Know your base colour

It’s no good choosing a shade of light brown if your hair is a dark cappuccino. No highlight will be seen in that instance, so it is wise to know which shade should be chosen to enhance your current base colour.

We always suggest at least two shades lighter to create a noticeable contrast associated with highlighting the hair.

3. Have the right tools on hand

If you want to get a professional finish, you should try and get your hands on what the professionals use to execute their looks. We’re talking combs, clips and foils to make sure you can get the job done with minimal fuss.

You might also want to use some old towels and a gown so that nothing gets ruined.


Renew Hair Care Tools for highlights

Tried and tested tools

4. Test a strand or two first

You might be raring to go but testing a few pieces of your hair first could be the difference between happiness and despair. That way, you can see exactly how the shade you have chosen will work with your base colour before you do your whole head.

Trust us, some things are worth the wait. And whilst we are on the subject of waiting, don’t rush washing off the product, give it the allotted time to get the full effect.

5. Don’t forget to nourish your hair afterwards

Most of us tend to forget that lightening the hair can strip it of vital moisture. This can sometimes lead to dull, brittle hair which isn’t a good look on anyone. Every Renew pack is infused with Milk and Aloe Protein Conditioner that locks in moisture for hair that truly shines.

This means that you can explore whichever look you choose without fear of it taking a toll on your tresses. If you’ve like to go one step further, a weekly hair masque or treatment is a great idea. Why not shampoo your hair, apply it, watch an episode of your favourite TV and rinse?

It’s self-love at its finest and let’s face it, you deserve it.

Renew highlights for doing your hair at home

Quench your hair

Runway looks from your own home

At Renew, we know that you’re only one shade away from amazing. It’s why we encourage our loyal consumers to branch out and try a new colour.

Whether you’re considering highlighting your hair or changing your whole head of colour, we have loads of options just waiting for you. With every pack containing all you need, there’s never been a better way to change your colour, mood and life.

As they say, a change is as good as a holiday. For more on how you can achieve the perfect highlighted hair at home, please click here. If you’ve tried this already and are loving the results why not let us know? We’d love to see the finished results and how you pull off the look.

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