The Essential Tips For Red Hair Care

“All you need is love, a cup of coffee and fabulous red hair.” – Unknown

Nicole Kidman's beautiful red hair

If you’re planning to try a red hue, Renew can help you capture your favourite red hairstyle. 

We’ve also got the top tips you’ll need to keep your beautiful red colour vibrant for longer.

There are plenty of distinctive looks out there, but nothing is quite as beautiful as red hair. There are a lot of celebrities with red hair who we just love to love. Emma Stone, Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman, just to name a few.

Ready in red

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Nicole Kidman's beautiful red hair
An array of celebrities with gorgeous red hair

Tip 1: What a girl wants

Renew offers 8 different shades and styles of red. It's important to know which one is going to work best for you.
Here are a few things you should consider before choosing the red you want.

“Before committing to a shade of red, it’s best to know for sure what style you want or which colour you’re after.”
Whether you want Christina Hendrick's deep chestnut red or Emma Stone's cute colour play, you can achieve these vibrant red hot looks with Renew’s diverse range of red hair colours. Whether these A-listers have stayed true to scarlet or changed colour since, one thing is for sure – they all look red hot.

Know the difference

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An array of celebrities with gorgeous red hair
Nine shades of celebrity red hair

Tip 2: Get the right tone

If you’re using Renew’s Rich Auburn Mahogany, Cinnamon Red or Red Wine hair colour you need to consider how it will work with your eye colour and skin tone.

There are a wide range of reds to choose from, so you need to know exactly what you want before you start dyeing.

From Mulberry to Auburn red hair, Renew has a vast variety of shades that suit different styles.
Not to worry, Renew has a colour indicator on all it’s boxes so you can tell how your base colour is going to affect your final look.

Own the right tone

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Nine shades of celebrity red hair
Coppery red wavy hair

Tip 3: It’s all about that base

Here’s a hot pro tip - If your base hair colour is darker, then the transition to Auburn hair will be a little smoother.

“Auburn is a balance of red and brown hair. Renew’s Rich Auburn Mahogany will give your style the best of both worlds.”

Have a light base colour? Don’t fear! The pigment in blonde hair makes the red hair colour fade a little faster than usual. The simple solution to this is to make sure that you retouch your colour regularly. This is a great way to avoid this problem and lets you stay glam for longer.

A range of red

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Coppery red wavy hair
Beautiful red fishbone plait hairstyle

Tip 4: Maintenance

Hair guru, Aura Freidman, reminds us that while red hair may be gorgeous, there’s a lot of maintenance required to get the most out of the look.
"The problem with red is that it fades, and sometimes when it does, it's not the most flattering. It's a lot of maintenance but so worth it.”

Let’s unpack Freidman’s wise words a little more with these pro tips to keeping your hair red. Fewer washes will slow down the red from fading. Instead of washing your hair every day, alternate with dry shampoo that’s designed for colour treated hair.
Another tip is to hydrate your hair with the correct conditioners to keep your red locks feeling silkier and smoother. If you’re using a straightener or a curler daily then your hair might look red hot, but the heat could be stripping it of its colour.
Instead, why not experiment with some non-heat hairstyles to keep your red locks looking hotter for longer.

Keep the red glowing

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Beautiful red fishbone plait hairstyle


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