Find The Perfect Rich Winter Hair Colour For You

“When you change something like your hair colour, the whole world changes also”. – Jillian Hervy.

It’s getting colder. From long sleeve tops to lush jerseys, the season dictates our fashion and even our hair. That’s why things need to be warmer. What better way to bring warmth to you than with a new shade to suit a new season? Now’s the time to give way to rich, deep, warm winter hair colours. Finding the right, rich colour can be tricky. That’s why we’ve come up with a few hairstyle and hair colour combinations to give you some inspiration.

Marvellous mulberry

Give them something to marvel at with this dark, rich shade.

Renew has combined the ripest berries and the darkest chocolate to achieve their full-bodied Mulberry hair colour. This dark hair tone pairs well with fuschia, dark blues and purples, chocolate brown, black and dark green.

Mulberry hair colour

The right shade to throw.

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The right kind of rich

Experience the best of a brunette and red head’s world with Renew’s Rich Auburn Mahogany.

This warm colour is the envy of the most stylish women. Anyone can look good with a burnt orange shade, but if you want the perfect hue then Renew’s Rich Auburn Mahogany is the answer. Spice up this fiery look with an elegant black outfit, a glamorous green wardrobe, the right whites and the perfect shades of blues and purples.

Renew’s Rich Auburn Mahogany

When colours collide.

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Sweet and strong

The strong flavour of coffee is yours to flaunt with Renew’s Mocha Brown hair colour.

This rich, flavoursome colour makes elegance second nature to its wearer. If you were looking for a dark tone to wear with any hair length then let this strong look be your inspiration. Renew’s Mocha Brown hair colour combines the rich flavour of coffee and mixes it with the sweet taste of chocolate.

If you want to redefine your style, then we recommend pairing it with the right colours. A white top and a dark skirt or pants s is a great look you can wear for work and play. Green and Mocha Brown is also a good combo for a stunning casual outfit. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a light top to really make these dark locks pop.

Renew’s Mocha Brown hair colour

Like your coffee like you like your hair. Dark and intense.

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Better off red

“Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in wine. It’s just the way it takes you to a place where no one else can.” – Julianna Glass

The enchanting beauty of a fine wine can be yours with Renew’s Red Wine hair colour.

Red wine is sophisticated, refined and reserved for those who have an appreciation for the finer things in life. This fanciful look could be the perfect rich colour you’ve been looking for. Wear it with black, gold or white to be the belle of any ball.

Your Red Wine hair will also work perfectly with neutral colours like black, grey, white and beige, but don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour. Bright colours like lilac, purple and every shade of pink is the right way to brighten up this look. Last but not least, don’t forget about chocolate brown and caramel colours to enrich the flavour of your Red Wine locks.

Renew’s Red Wine hair colour

Intense elegance.

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Light, bright and bold

Renew’s Light Golden Brown hair colour is a combination of a deep brown, with the glowing warmth of a light gold.
This dazzlingly, versatile colour is ready to impress all who behold it. It’s a summery shade that can bring all the warmth you need to get through the winter season.

Rock this rich colour with a straight hairdo or with long waves for the perfect balance of brown and gold.
Renew’s Light Golden Brown is a universal colour that works brilliantly with almost any style and colour. You can’t go wrong when wearing this look with a white top and black bottoms, especially when you accessorise with gold jewellery. Navy blue is also your friend and works in any style, shape or form with this hair. If you want to go brighter then go for a bold pink or a strong yellow coloured outfit.

Renew’s Light Golden Brown hair colour

Go for gold.

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Renew knows how to enrich your look, your life and your hair. Choose the colour that inspires you the most and Renew will help you bring out the best of it. For tips, tricks and ideas for your next hair colour follow us on Facebook or for more stunning styles to inspire you can also follow us on Instagram.