Renew’s NEW Pastel Hair Colour For Summer

The mornings are suddenly lighter and brighter. This is a sure sign that summer is heading our way. Do you know what else has arrived? Renew’s new shades of pastel hair colour.

We know that summer is the favourite season for many. It also marks the perfect time of the year for adding colour to your wardrobe, makeup and hair. As the trusted name in home hair colour, we pride ourselves on bringing out exciting new products for our loyal fans who trust us to keep their hair game strong.

Our latest shades are pastel perfection and really help you make a fun statement. There’s also a colour for everyone. Don’t believe us? Here’s more on our three new additions to get you inspired for the ultimate summer hair.

It’s fun

Nothing says “brave, adventurous and fun” like a fresh shade of summer-inspired hair colour? It certainly helps make things a lot more exciting. At the time of the year where everyone is looking forward to the holidays, now you can bring the holidays to you.

Sure, more classic looks are a safe bet and the go-to ombre is lovely, but it’s time to take things up a level. Whether you are inspired by a strawberry daiquiri beside the pool, a minty mojito or even your favourite berry smoothie, there are so many ways to embrace a new colour and add it to your hair.

Endless summer days need an endless style to match, so why not choose a pastel hair shade you love and make it your own? Plus, you’ll be sure to stand out at every event you attend too.

Colour play presents pastel pink hair with Renew

Simply sweet
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We’ve just launched our Colour Play kits

Renew fans will know that we’re always on the hunt for the boldest shades that make an impact. It’s why we’ve launched our pastel perfect Colour Play Kit that’s bursting with three new stunning colours: Mint orchid, Pink Tulips and Purple Lavender.

What’s special about this kit is that it allows you to play with the colours and choose the depth of the pastel hair colour you prefer. Whether you like things light and subtle or darker and more intense, this all-in-one solution means customised summer colour at home in almost no time at all!

Pastel hair colour, mint orchid, pink tulip and purple lavender.

Mint orchid, Pink Tulip and Purple Lavender.

You can achieve it without damaging your hair

There are normally two main concerns that people have about embracing a bold hair colour. The first is the cost involved as a trip to the salon can prove to be an expensive exercise. Luckily, our NEW Colour Play kit doesn’t break the bank. Now, anyone can get that perfect pastel hair colour and still have enough left over for a cute summer outfit to complete their look.

Another worry that comes with a dramatic hair colour change is that of damaging your tresses. Again, Renew has that taken care of. Our formulation is gentle and our ammonia-free complex lets you get that pastel hair look you crave without costing you the quality of your hair.

We also throw in a sachet of our conditioner to lock in moisture and seal in your colour for hair that bursts with gorgeous pastel tones. For no-damage colour in the comfort of your own home. Why not invite some friends over, grab a few kits and make it a pastel hair colour party?

Hollywood can’t get enough!

We’re always inspired by the stars who go boldly in their pursuit of fresh new looks. This is especially true in the colour department. Take Taylor Swift for example. She’s one who never says no to a pop of an interesting hue in her hair.

We’re crushing on this shade of pastel lilac that really plays well with her skin tone and eye colour. Take note of how her outfit is very relaxed, with her hair takes the spotlight and brings it all to life.

With dark or light pastel hair colour, you can rest assured that it’ll dress up any summer look for every occasion. So if you’re ready to break free from the balayage, you know what to do…

Purple perfection with Renew Pastel summer hair colour

Purple perfection
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Let us colour your summer

If you’re ready to play with a pastel hair colour look this season, why not let us help you with that? By adding a Renew pop of colour to your look, our amazing shades breathe new life into your hair and a whole lot of fun into your summer.

The year is almost over. Why not go out boldly with a bang? A brilliant shade can make this a reality. For more on our packs and where you can get them, please click here to visit our website now.

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