Make Your Hair Pop With Champagne Blonde Hair Colour

For those who are still rocking their natural blonde colour but looking to step things up, you might want to consider champagne blonde. No, we’re not talking about popping bottles. We mean adding some new hues to your hair. Here’s why you should put your own signature spin on the champagne blonde hair colour trend.

It’s perfect for spring and summer

With champagne blonde shades being part of the same family as rose gold and peach hues, you can bet that it also brings an element of warmth.

This is ideal at this time of the year as we go full steam ahead into spring. It’s also perfect for summer wear lighter shades take centre stage against sun-kissed skin.

Although, that’s not to say that champagne doesn’t work in winter. With creamy undertones that highlight your features, it still adds warmth to your look in colder months. This makes it a winner all year round.

Champagne blond

All the stars and their skin tones have aligned

From Gwen Stefani to Taylor Swift and even Khloe Kardashian, celebs are showing their more bubbly side. What’s interesting is that they all have different styles and skin tones yet somehow, it all works for each one of them. This means that you can make champagne blonde hair colour your own despite your complexion.

Try it like Khloe

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Champagne blond
champaign blond hair

Even the guys are here for it

The number of men jumping on the champagne train shows it really is a trend that’s growing in leaps and bounds. Instagram is full of bold and gorgeous guys embracing this shade of blonde. We love it and we wish more guys would branch out and experiment with their hair colour.

Just Boygeous!

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champaign blond hair
Champagne blonde hair with hints of rose

You can work it on different levels

The great thing about champagne is that you can always add more hints of rose if you’d like to change things up. Just ask stars like Kylie Jenner who wore a pink champagne shade for a while when the trend first emerged. This makes it totally up to you and how you feel about champers tresses. It also lets you customise your colour to the exact hue that’s perfect for you.

It suits every cut

Whether you’re wearing your hair long, in a bob or even a crop, a champagne colour will keep you looking fabulous. Long and luscious glows in all the right places and short and sassy pops too. As a super style-friendly shade, champagne hair is low maintenance because you won’t need to do much to make a statement. This is because the colour is just sensational.

Champagne shapes

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Champagne blonde hair with hints of rose


Do take care

Like any lighter shade, you’ll need to keep your hair properly nourished. You might want to invest in a good conditioning treatment that you can use once a week. Luckily, Renew uses only the most nourishing Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner to lock in moisture.

This makes for hair that never loses its softness and shine, even when you change your colour. No matter the look you choose, you should never forget to give your tresses the TLC that it deserves. Your hair is your crown so make sure that it’s always polished.

Bring on the bubbly!

If we’ve got you thinking about changing up your look, now’s your time to shine. As the countdown to the end of the year commences, you could get a head start on your festive season look. For more on the champagne blonde vibes that have become a hair staple.

Have you embraced your champagne side recently? Share your look with us, on Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to see it!