Make Waves with Renew’s Selection of Brown Hair Shades

Next Level Brown Hair

Next Level Brown Hair | Love Hairstyles

“You know, I change my hair colour a lot, I do all sorts of different things”. – Kelly Lynch

There’s nothing like a hair colour change to revive your whole mood. What better place to start than going for a sexy brown hair shade? At Renew, we’ve got twelve beautiful shades of brown for you. Choose from Latte brown, Light Golden Brown and Mocha, to name a few. We’ve also paired each shade with a bomb hairstyle to inspire you to switch up your look. Are you ready to level up your life with a new shade of brown?


Sexy Cut hair style in brown

Sexy Cut | Love Hairstyles

Natural Brown Asymmetrical Bob

Talk about a sexy look. This natural brown, asymmetrical bob is a total hair goal. Its unique cut makes it look so glamorous, while the natural brown hues make it stand out. Get this beautiful brown colour when you choose Renew’s Natural Brown.


Lovely loose curls in long hair

Lovely Loose Curls | Instagram

Mocha Brown Loose Waves

We’re absolutely blown away by how fabulous this Mocha brown hair colour looks paired with beachy waves. It’s such an effortless and vibrant style that’s super easy to achieve. It’s perfect for the gal on the go. If you’re loving this brown shade, then we suggest going for Renew’s Mocha Brown from our Colour Infusion range.


Brown hair, layers for days

Layers for Days | Love Hairstyles

Light Golden-Brown Multi-Layered Hair

This multi-layered hairstyle is the perfect go-to if you want to add extra volume to your hair. We love how the light golden brown hue gives it a chic, modern and super stylish look. Take your hair to the next level with this gorgeous cut. Get the look with Renew’s Light Golden Brown.


Elegant brown hair

Elegance in a Hairstyle | Hairstyle Trends

Light Brown Gentle Waves

If elegance could be captured in a hairstyle and colour, it would definitely look like this. We adore this sweetheart style. From the glamorous soft waves to the classy light brown shade, you’ll be sure to charm everyone around you. Try Renew’s Light Brown from the Colour Infusion range. You won’t’ look back.


Luscious curls

Luscious Curls | Aesthete curator

Long and Voluminous Latte Waves

Long hair can look perfect with the right hair colour. Just look at this Latte brown hair. We absolutely love how these long and luscious curls make this look like utter perfection. Get this majestic look with Renew’s Latte.


Iced coffee wavy hair

Oh the Mystery | Carmen Kadintesettur

Dark and Sleek Iced Coffee Waves

We love experimenting with different shades of brown. This darker Iced Coffee shade from Renew’s Infusion range is proof of how versatile each shade can be. This dark and bold brown hair colour comes off as being fearless, yet so mysterious at the same time. Style your hair in big loose waves, and rock this look.


Add some edge to your hair

Add Some Edge | Love Hairstyles

Funky Hot Cocoa Bob Cut

This fresh take on an asymmetrical bob goes even further with its shorter cut and shaved sides. We love how funky this style looks and paired with the perfect shade of brown makes it edgier and bolder. Get in touch with your wild side and go for this daring style. Get the look by using Renew’s Colour Infusion range in the shade Hot Cocoa.


Espresso ready hair

Espresso Ready | Love Hairstyles

Long Layered Espresso Hair

Wake up every day feeling renewed with this gorgeous Espresso shade from Renew’s Colour Infusion range. Its vibrant hues will bring life to your roots and leave you feeling like you’ve got a first-class hairdo. We love how darling this colour looks paired with long hair with long layers. This hairstyle and colour combination is absolutely heavenly.


On the go with a choppy hairstyle

Quick Cuts | Glamour Magazine

Edgy Chocochino Layers

There’s nothing like a woman on the go with a choppy hairstyle, it’s the perfect amount of sass to add to your everyday life. This edgy look shows off a fierce vibe, and the dark brown chocochino hair colour ties in perfectly with this modern-day Rockstar look. Get this stunning hue of brown with Renew’s Colour Infusion range in the shade Chocochino.


Chestnut brown hair

Bombshell Brown | Hair Alessia

Side Swooped Chestnut Brown Layers

A medium length hairstyle has never looked classier in brown hues. This stunning Chestnut Brown shade from Renew’s Colour Infusion range gives this hairdo such an angelic look. Its brownish-red tones add vibrance and warmth to this hairstyle. We’re definitely here for it. Colour your medium length hair in this glorious shade to complete your look.


Asymmetrical Bob Hair

Asymmetry Bob Goals | Love Hairstyles

Choppy Cappuccino Brown Bob

Short bob cuts are the perfect statement style. We love how this asymmetrical cut is paired with a lush Cappuccino brown hue; it makes this style stand out even more. If you’re ready to embrace your more adventurous side, then we recommend Renew’s Cappuccino Brown from our Colour Infusions range.


Subtle Brown Hair

Subtle Brown | Hair Theme

Long and Smooth Almond Waves

If you’re looking for a lighter shade of brown, then this Almond shade from Renew’s Colour Infusion range should be on your list. This beautiful shade of brown is absolutely captivating and unique. Style your hair with some loose beach waves and you’ll be looking ready to accomplish everything that you set out to.

With Renew’s Colour Infusion range, there’s a variety of brown shades for you to have your pick from. Tell us in the comments which shades of brown caught your eye, and which hairstyle you’re thinking of trying next. Once you’ve renewed your look with a brown shade, tag us on Facebook and Instagram so that we can have a look too. Have fun switching up your style and remember, with Renew; you’re one shade away from amazing.