Love Your Red Hair with Renew

Stunning red hair

Red Indeed | All Things Hair

“Red Hair is Great. It’s rare and therefore superior.” – Augusten Burroughs 

This month, it’s all about love, and what better to represent this than a ravishing red hair colour! At Renew we’ve got a selection of nine vibrant hues of red from our Colour Infusion range.

From stunning colours like Mulberry red to Berry Frappuccino; we guarantee that you’re just one shade away from amazing. We’ve paired each red hair colour with an iconic fashion style.

This will make it easier for you to pick the shade that suits your style best. It’s time to fall in love with this fashion-forward red hair colour and #LoveYourWay.


Love your red hair with Renew

The Bright Side | Stay Glam


Are you a girly girl? Do you love rocking a fun and flirty look every time you go out? If you do, then this feminine style is definitely your go-to.

Flowy dresses, heels and accessories are a staple in your closet, and at Renew we’ve got another staple to add on: Mulberry red hair. That’s right, what better way to accessorise than with red hair?

It’s the perfect hair colour to match your sweetheart style. It’ll make every outfit stand out more, and you’ll be sure to charm everyone around you.

So, if you want to sweeten up your look, then go for a bold Mulberry hair colour from Renew’s Colour Infusion range.

Chic red wine hair

Class and Style | Jaclyn Hill Makeup


Jaclyn Hill always knows how to make a statement with her makeup, style and hair.

Her chic outfit paired with a classic red wine hair colour is simply breathtaking.

If this smart and classy look has piqued your interest then Renew’s Red Wine hair colour from our Colour Infusion range is the perfect red for you.

Tomboy vibes with Renew

Tomboy Vibes | Wonderful You


If you enjoy a minimalistic and simple fashion approach, then you definitely have a tomboy style.

You prefer to rock styles that are effortless, and you believe that everything goes well with a pair of sneakers. Since your style is simplistic, why not let your red hair be the ultimate standout?

Upgrade your style with this amazing Strawberry Shake hair colour from Renew’s Colour Infusion range. The colour will tie your whole look together.

Bossy red hair

Boss Red | Pretty Inspiration


We get it, you’re sophisticated and you love the finer things in life. Nothing satisfies you more than having the best quality.

Well, at Renew, we’ve got the best quality when it comes to switching up your hair colour. Our red Sienna Cider hue from our Colour Infusion range will level up your polished style.

Show off your opulent style with a luxurious hair colour to match. Let us know in the comments which hair colour you’ll be trying next.

Keep it rocking with red hair

Keep it Rocking | Le Happy


A choker, graphic tee, leather boots and red hair, what else do we need in a rocker style? Besides a leather jacket of course.

This style evolves with music genres. If you love rocking this style, then pair it with Renew’s Sangria hair colour from our Colour Infusion range.

It’s the perfect shade of red to make your standout rocker outfit complete.

Rich auburn mahogany hair, bohemian style

Free Living | Le Happy


If you enjoy living in the moment and your style is paired with wild patterns on exotic textures, then you’re definitely fond of the boho style.

You gather your style inspiration from gipsy and hippie looks, and you’re all about positive energy.

Pair your bohemian style with the charming Rich Auburn Mahogany hair colour from Renew’s Colour Infusion range to elevate your free-spirited style.

Casual burgundy hair

Casual Setting | Short Curly Haircuts


There’s nothing like burgundy to match your casual style. This simple fashion style is one bomb combination of elegance and comfort.

Let your hair stand out elegantly with this glamorous Burgundy hair colour from Renew’s Colour Infusion range. We guarantee that it’ll complement your casual style beautifully.

Renew red hair colour, funky and fresh

Funky Fresh | Instagram


If you’re someone who thrives on creativity, then we know that you love going the extra mile to make a fashion statement.

Your artsy style consists of an array of colours and patterns that pushes the boundaries of fashion. There’s no better way to show off your creativity than rocking a Cinnamon Red hair colour from Renew’s Colour Infusion range.

We assure you that this pop of red will ignite your creative fashion sense even more.

Berry Frappuccino red hair, old school style

Old Skool | Styling Outfits


There’s nothing like keeping it real with a vintage look and classic red hair. This retro-style consists of high waisted jeans, checked shirts, a chunky belt and statement leather pieces.

Make your vintage style even more timeless with Renew’s Berry Frappuccino red hair shade from our Colour Infusion range. It’ll be sure to bring life to your ‘blast from the past’ look.

There’s a whole sphere of fashion trends out there. No matter which style you choose, Renew’s Colour Infusion range will always have a red hair colour that’ll compliment your look. Tell us in the comments what your fashion style is, and which red hair colour would suit your style the most.

Also, tag us on Facebook and Instagram and show us how you #LoveYourWay with your renewed red hair colour. We can’t wait to see your scorching looks.