Get The Perfect Shade Of Burgundy Hair For You

Get the perfect shade of Burgundy hair for you

When it comes to choosing wine or lipstick, it’s often said that there’s a perfect red for everyone. The same can be said for hair colour… There’s definitely an ideal shade of burgundy hair for each of us.

Red in its various shades, frames the faces and features of most people while creating a beautiful contrast for almost every skin tone. The versatility of these hair colours is what makes them great for everyone, from the more reserved to the free-spirited. Here are a few enticingly rich hues from the red palette that are sure to make you say “well, colour me red!”

Mulberry goodness

mulberry hair colour

If you are looking to play with purple undertones, Renew Mulberry is your go-to colour. Its deep purplish-red is a combination of ripe berries and dark chocolate tones that turn heads. Try adding lipstick and blusher with a light pink tinge to complement this hair colour best.

Red, red wine

red wine hair colour

Renew Red Wine, as full-bodied as its namesake, is an intense ruby and cherry blend and all you need to stand out in any crowd with fierce hair colour! The shade suits most complexions and looks especially good with medium to dark skin tones. You can pair your Red Wine hair with soft gold and crimson eye shadow, plum lips and dewy skin for a romantic look.

Paint the town Burgundy

Burgundy hair colour

A luxurious and sensuous shade that pops with attitude, Renew Burgundy hair colour is a vibrant blend of deep violet and cranberry highlights that lends itself to a slick and sophisticated finish. Try a hint of smoky eye make-up and a dark lipstick to enhance your colour. It’s sure to give your look a sassy edge.

Spicy Cinnamon Red

cinnamon red hair colour

Renew Cinnamon Red gives your hair tones of deep burnished copper, reflective of a late sunset. A warm, vivid colour, Renew Cinnamon Red complements your natural beauty. To really accentuate this colour, try winged eyeliner and cherry red lips to give you that extra glamour.

Once you’ve picked the colour that best complements your personality and features, be sure to follow these tips to keep your new hair colour looking radiant and refreshed:

  • Use lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair.
  • When using curlers and straighteners, use a heat-protecting spray. Even better if it has UV filters to protect your fiery hair from the sun! On this note, when you are out in the sun, use a sun-care spray to protect your hair.
  • To lock in new hair colour or revive existing colour, use anti-fade conditioning treatments and serums

Rich auburn mahogany

This fiery pop of colour, our Rich Auburn Mahogany will brighten up your hair with an old Hollywood twist. With a warm chocolate undertone and a rich red top tone, all this colour needs is a touch of red lipstick, a shimmery smokey eye and you’re good to go.

This is a colour, fit for a movie star.

mahogany hair colour

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