Finding The Right Shade Of Blonde Made Easy

Blonde hair seems to be making its way more and more into our ever-changing hair trends. With Kylie Jenner recently reaching for the blonde hair dye, we can’t help but wonder what shade of blonde is the perfect one for us?

Picking out a colour that accentuates your natural hair colour and your skin tone is more than popping a box of dye in your trolley, it’s also about finding a colour that enhances your highlights and brings out your natural tones.

With four amazing shades for you to choose from, we thought you’d need a blonde bombshell guide to create that perfect hue this season.

Enhancing your natural colour doesn’t have to mean numerous trips to the salon or a mess in your bathroom. With base shades that are designed to draw out the natural blonde in you, it makes staying on-trend that much easier.

Remember that your hair colour is your own and if you want to make a statement with beautiful blonde tresses – go for it! If you’re into keeping up with trends and want some tips on how to style your hair, take a look at the rest of our website …you’re sure to find something that gives your hair a little boost.

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