Beat That Summer Frizz With These Tips

Whether you choose blonde, black, brunette or red hair dye, summer frizz is a major hair problem and something you might need to contend with during summer. As temperatures rise and humidity starts to climb, your hair starts to take a beating. Whilst hair colour trends for 2018 are important, hair care tips are too. It’s why we’ve put together our list of tips for fighting that summertime fuzz. No matter your chosen hair colour ideas, here are the ways that you can avoid that dreaded f-word.

For starters, we suggest rinsing with cold water whenever you wash your hair. Not only is this nice and cooling on warmer days but it helps seal the hair cuticle. This will prevent any summer frizz and enhance the shine that we’re all after. If you’re a fan of red hair dye like our Wild Fire Renew Perfect Colour, rinsing your hair with carbonated water (soda water) will also help. This is because red hair has a tendency to give into humidity worse than other shades. The low pH level of the soda water will help beat fuzzy hair. Hooray!

Using a conditioner regularly will help you lock in that necessary moisture. Most of the time, hair can get static because it is dry and lacking in the hydration department. By using a conditioner when you shampoo, you can help add extra nourishment that your tresses really need. You can also use an anti-frizz oil to keep the summer frizz at bay.

Using one with added protein will also benefit in the strength and shine department. Every pack of Renew hair dye come with Aloe and Milk Protein Conditioner to help you lock in added nourishment and your colour. This means you can shine all summer long.

The next step to beating Lion King summer frizz hair is to banish those hot styling tools we’ve become so reliant on. This can be difficult as we all have a certain way that we’re used to wearing our hair. It’s tough to break these habits as well once they’ve become a routine but it’s totally possible. Rest assured that this is a necessary action that will help your hair recover and replenish itself.

If you can’t handle the thought of skipping a blow-wave and flat iron, start with cutting out only one. You should also ensure that you watch the heat setting of your desired device before you start styling. This will reduce the chances of further damage.

Whilst you’re probably planning those cute summer outfits, now is the perfect time to add in a few trendy hats. Not only will they make your looks more insta-worthy, but they’ll also help protect your hair from the damages that come with those summer days spent outdoors.

The sun can really dry your hair and dull your colour, this is because it’s as susceptible to burning as your skin is. If you’re going to be outside for a while, don’t forget your hat. There are so many amazing options to choose from. We love wide-brimmed straw hats and classic baseball caps.

Pick your summer staple and shine

Making sure that you slay summer starts with choosing your Perfect Colour. Whether you’re after something more classic or bursting with colour, why not be #BoldAsNature with a shade that does you justice. There’s something for everyone and you’re guaranteed to be hair goals with a little help from us.

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We love seeing what our fans get up to and how they rock our favourite shades.