Essential Hair Care Tips for Winter

4 Essential Hair Care Tips for Winter

Winter is upon us, bringing with it not just the cold weather blues, but also potential damage to your hair. But not to worry, because we’ve got four essential winter hair care tips you can practice to minimize any damage to one of your most precious assets – your hair.


Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Factors such as a decrease in humidity and artificial heating in winter contribute to the lack of moisture in your scalp and hair. Think of your daily skin moisturization routine – your scalp requires the same treatment, to avoid dryness, itching, dandruff, and other scalp conditions. This can be easily solved or avoided by applying a nourishing moisturizer or oil treatment at least once a week (or depending on how often your scalp is in need of it).

Moistirise - Renew Hair

Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp

Olive oil acts as an effective moisturizer that can relieve the dryness of your hair and scalp by massaging in before bed and rinsing off the next morning. Organic coconut oil can also be used as a mask for your scalp and to help moisturize it, promoting healthy, damage-free hair.


In addition to replenishing your hair’s moisture, which tends to get depleted from the cold winter air, conditioner provides shine and prevents it from breaking. A suitable conditioner should be applied each time you wash your hair, focusing only on the strands of hair and avoiding the scalp. Deep conditioning treatments can also be done at least once a week during winter to retain moisture.

Condition Renew Hair

A great way to lock in moisture during winter is to condition your hair

Cut down on heat styling

During winter it’s best to not use heat styling tools such as hair dryers as frequently as you normally would, as these tend to leave the hair dried out. Rather allow your hair to dry naturally instead. However, if you have to make use of a hairdryer, be sure to attach the nozzle to it and use it on the coolest setting, applying a protective heat spray beforehand.

Cut down on heating - Renew Hair

Try to make minimal use of your hairdryer during winter


Excessively brushing or combing your hair can cause damage to its cuticles and result in breakage, especially in winter when it can be extra fragile due to the cold air and other harsh elements. It is advisable to make use of a wide-tooth comb and be gentle if you want to detangle. Also, try not to detangle it when it’s too wet. Brushing or combing gently helps spread natural oils throughout your hair to protect it from harsh elements. But overdoing this could lead to a sore scalp and greasy, damaged hair.

Over brushing - Renew Hair

Try to make minimal use of your hairdryer during winter


Most importantly, ensure that you form and follow a routine which best suits your hair this winter and remember to stick by it if you want to see beautiful results.

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