Choose the Perfect Renew Hair Colour to Match Your Skin Tone

Brown Hair Fantasy

Brown Hair Fantasy | Love Instagram

“New hair makes me feel like I can do anything.” – The Salon Business

Cosy up to a new hair colour this winter and elevate your look. Switch up your style by opting for trendy natural shades like browns, blacks and reds. At Renew we have a spectrum of natural hair colours in our Intense Naturals Range. With our help, you’ll find the perfect shade to suit your skin tone. Are you ready for a change?


Hair Colour Choices

Hair Colour Choices | Hair Solutions Inc

Which Hair Colour Suits My Skin Tone the Best?

Deciding between colours can be a long process, especially when every hair colour looks perfect. To help you make a perfect choice, we’ve classified the different shades from our Intense Naturals Range according to warm, cool and neutral skin tones. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Warm Skin Tones


Copper Brown Hair

Copper Brown | Instagram

Fudge Indulgence

Let’s begin with warm skin tones. If you have a warm skin tone, then warmer shades like reddish browns with vibrant hues will be sure to complement your look. Take this gorgeous reddish-brown shade. You can see how the rich and vibrant colour accentuates her warm skin tone. You can also achieve this stunning look with Renew Fudge Indulgence from our Intense Naturals Range.


Red Stunner hair colour

Red Stunner | Sumcoco

Plum Gaze

Another amazing shade that suits warmer skin tones is a vibrant red.  You can see how the deep red and copper undertones in this hair colour highlight her warm skin complexion. Achieve this glamorous look with Renew Plum Glaze from our Intense Naturals range.

Cool Skin Tones


perfect winter honey hair colour

Oh Honey | Instagram

Honey Bee

If you have a cool skin tone then darker shades will suit you best. For the perfect winter hair colour, opt for shades like cool-toned blondes and browns or darker hues of black or blue. Just look at how stunning this cool-toned blonde shade looks against her skin. You can also see how the underlying brown tones really enhance the entire look. If you’re keen on trying a subtle golden blonde shade this winter, then Honey bee from our Intense Naturals Range should be your choice.


Blue Black Stunner hair colour for winter

Brown Hair Fantasy | Tumblr


If you want to opt for a darker shade to flatter your cool skin tone, then go for Blueberry from the Renew Intense Natural Range. This jet-black colour with blue undertones will vamp up your facial features and flatter your skin tone. This bold and striking shade will be sure to add a dramatic porcelain effect on your cool complexion; talk about perfection.

Natural  Skin Tones


Voluminous Bob black current and fudge indulgence permanent hair colour

Voluminous Bob | Instagram

Black Current and Fudge Indulgence

If you have a neutral skin tone, then guess what? Both warm and cool shades will suit you. You can choose any colour in the spectrum. It’ll compliment your skin tone perfectly. Since we’re looking at winter hair colour trends, we’re going to stick to darker and natural shades for your skin tone. Take this glamorous colour, for example, it’s a cool-toned black and a warm-toned brown that work together. They enhance her neutral skin tone and highlight her facial features. Get this stunning mix of hues with the Renew Intense Naturals range in Fudge Indulgence and Black Current.


Hazel brown permanent hair colour

Chocolatey Brown | Instagram

Hazel Delight

Another amazing hair colour from Renew’s Intense Naturals range is Hazel Delight. This brown shade is the perfect go-to because it’s a mix of cool and warm-toned browns. It’s the ideal colour combination for the neutral skin toned women out there. Welcome the colder months with this gorgeous shade and fall in love with how beautiful your neutral skin looks against it.

We’ve given you the best hair colour options to suit your skin tone. Now it’s all up to you. Are you ready to brighten up your winter days with a new hair colour? Tell us in the comments section which hair colour from our Intense Naturals Range flatters your skin tone the best. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram to show off how you’ve complimented your skin tone with a stunning natural shade. We can’t wait to see you and your perfectly matched hair colour.

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