Celeb-Inspired Blonde Hair Styles

It’s no secret that blonde celebrity inspired looks have always been high up on the list of things that we love most. This isn’t only because they give us a taste of the latest trends. They also show us that they’re easier to achieve than we might think they are. For these reasons, we often compile our favourites to give you an idea of what you could try next. If you’re thinking of going lighter, why not get a style inspiration from some of the biggest names in the world?

Highlights for the high life

Not only are we crushing on Kristen Bell’s chic bob but we love how subtle her highlights are. This natural-looking, effortless blonde look is easy to achieve in the comfort of your own home.

highlights with Kirsten Bell and Renew Hair

Image Source: Marie Claire

Want this look? Pair our Champagne Hair Colour with our Highlights Kit. Hair makeovers can really put a strain on those purse strings. Luckily with Renew, you can achieve the perfect colour at an affordable price. This makes for extra confidence without a hefty price tag. Our Highlights Kit also makes use of a Keratin Boost Formula that gives you glowing highlights for up to six weeks! All Renew hair colours rely on Colour Infusion Technology for rich, vibrant results. We also swear by our luxury conditioner complete with Aloe Vera and Milk Protein to leave your hair silky and gorgeous. Don’t know what to look out for in stores? Find your shade of blonde in the hair colour aisles.

Go towards the light

When she’s not being the Mother of Dragons on Game Of Thrones, Emilia Clarke is still just as striking. Her light blonde locks make her eyes pop and work wonders for her skin tone. Also, let’s just take a moment for how her lipstick comes alive against her chosen shade of blonde. This look also works wonders with some of her natural regrowth coming through. Although, if you want to try this exact effect, you should take into account how your natural hair colour will look once your roots emerge.

Light Blonde hair with Emilia Clarke and Renew Hair

Image Source: Marie Claire

To get this effect, reach for a box of our Light Blonde. Not only is it easy to apply but you’ll have a brand new look in no time at all. It’s one of the many reasons why so many of our loyal Renew fans have stuck with us since day one.

Be a golden girl

Blake Lively has been the face of tousled golden tresses since she first blew up our screens on Gossip Girl. Flash forward and she’s still the very definition of hair goals. This particular shade brings warmth to the features and tends to make you look a little more tanned. (Hooray!)

Light Golden Blonde with Blake Lively and Renew Hair

Image Source: Marie Claire

Make this look your own with our Light Golden Blonde shade and embrace your inner “Serena Van der Woodsen”.

In the middle

Not everyone wants to go platinum blonde. Although some celebs make it super tempting, many skin tones are better suited to more subtle shades. Take Gwyneth Paltrow for example. She’s been almost every shade of blonde but these days she can be seen rocking a colour that’s somewhere in-between.

Platinum blonde with Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: Marie Claire

What do we mean? We’re talking shades that are easy to maintain and not as light as others. This is great for someone feeling a little afraid of going full blonde. Our Almond Medium Blonde offers a change without too much drama. Here’s the pack that’ll get you started.

Be the best version of yourself!

At Renew, we believe that you’re only one shade away from amazing. It’s why we offer a range of vibrant hues that give you a chance to update your hair and boost your confidence. Better yet, our Renew packs are formulated to give you maximum colour with as little damage as possible. We care for your hair as much as you do and we’ve got no problem showing it.
It’s our goal to help every woman achieve the good hair day that they deserve, every day! If you’re looking to embrace the blonder side of life, we’ve got a shade for your skin tone. Are you in love with your new blonde look?