It’s Time To Brighten Up Your Hair With Blonde Highlights

Highlights for Days

Highlights for Days | Pinterest

“I got my hair blonde highlighted because I felt some strands were more important than others.”

– Mitch Hedberg

Has your hair been looking a little dull lately? Do you need a change? Say no more. With Renew’s Blonde Highlights Kit you can take your hair from drab to fab in no time. Adding highlights to your hair can really brighten up your look.

It’s fast. It’s simple. It’ll level up your style. There are a whole lot of highlighting techniques for you to try.  Are you game?

Renew’s Blonde Highlights Kit

It’s time to highlight your shine with Renew’s luxurious Blonde Highlights Kit. This kit gives your hair natural looking highlights and the best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home.

It’s designed to provide glowing highlights for up to six weeks. Enriched with Aloe Vera and Milk protein, this kit will leave your hair looking silky, radiant and renewed. If you want to be one shade away from amazing, Renew’s Blonde Highlights Kit is for you.

Renew Blonde Highlights Kit

Renew Blonde Highlights Kit | Renew


Let’s take a look at some fun ways that you can highlight your hair with Renew’s Blonde Highlights Kit:


The Classic Blonde Highlight:

If you’re a fan of the classics, then there’s nothing more timeless than this style. Highlighting small sections of your hair with streaks of blonde will add dimension to your hair. This look is classy and sassy all rolled into one.

We love how the mixture of tones makes it look vibrant and radiant. Go for this iconic technique of highlighting with Renew.

Classier than Ever | Love Hairstyles

Classier than Ever | Southern Living


Fun and Flirty Blonde Highlights 

We’re absolutely in love with the different hues in this hair colour. From dark browns to bright shades of blonde, this highlighting technique is for the win. We’re crazy about how the blonde balances out the natural brown tones perfectly. It adds warmth while bringing all the heat.

Fun and Flirty Blonde streaks

A Whole Look | Latest Hairstyles


Dark Roots And Light Ends 

Oh honey, dark roots with blonde highlights take the crown. This beautiful blend of shades will add both depth and warmth to your style, ultimately making it one of the best choices. We love how her hair gradually transitions from dark to light with this highlighting technique.

It’s a trendsetting style that’ll have your hair looking picture perfect at every moment.  Are you ready to glow?

dark roots and light end highlights

Oh, Honey | Rose Idea


Subtle Blonde Highlights 

If you’re a minimalist, then this subtle highlighting technique is for you. We love how the touches of blonde bring life into this hairstyle. Its brown earthy tones give the look a natural vibe, whilst the light blonde makes it pop.

It’s a win-win. Get these glamorous highlights. They’ll be sure to add that little bit of extra that you’re looking for.

Subtle Highlights

Subtle Highlights | Chasing Daisies


Now that you’ve got some ideas on the different highlighting techniques, we’re going to lay down some Do’s and Don’ts on highlighting your hair:

1. Do Frame Your Face 

When it comes to highlights, placement is key. Always ensure that the brightest and thickest highlights frame your face.

2. Don’t Go Too Light 

Don’t do highlights that match your skin tone. This will only make you look washed out. A good rule of thumb to follow is to have your highlights at least three shades lighter than your base colour.

3. Do Have Depth And Dimension 

Always ensure that your highlights complement your hair’s tone to ensure depth and dimension. If you have a warm base, then go for a warm highlight like honey or golden blonde, and if you have a cool base, then go for a cool highlight like a sandy or beige blonde. When styling a neutral base colour, then your highlights can be either warm or cool.

4. Don’t Add Too Many Different Colours 

Even though dimension is good, too much variation can look unnatural. Never have more than three shades in your hair: Your base, a highlight and low light.

5. Do Take Care Of Your Highlights 

Take care of your glamorous highlights by ensuring that you use a moisturising, low-sulphate, colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. Stick to washing your hair at least once a week to ensure longer lasting highlights. We also recommend that you invest in a good thermal protector and apply it to your hair before any heat styling.


There are so many ways to use our Blonde Highlights Kit. We hope we’ve inspired you to try this trendy style. From classic to subtle blonde highlights, there’s an option for everyone. Tell us in the comments which technique you’re into and let us know some of your Do’s and Don’ts for when it comes to highlighting your hair.

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