Blue Black Realness with Renew

Blue Black Realness

midnight blue hair colour

Midnight Blue | Image Source: Instagram

Trying a new hair colour is one of the most exciting things that you can do to transform your look. If you love switching up your style, then go for a deep and majestic blue-black hair colour from Renew. This showstopper of a shade will be sure to leave a lasting impression no matter where you go. This amazing blue-black hair colour is from our Colour Infusions range. There are so many versatile ways that you can slay this stunning hair colour. We’re going to show you how. Are you ready to take the plunge and try out this vibrant hair shade?

Renew’s Intense Blue Black Hair Colour

Blue Bold Black hair Colour

Blue Bold Black | Image Source: Instagram

They say, “Treat your hair like a science lab… EXPERIMENT”. We couldn’t agree more. At Renew, we have a range of hair colour ideas for you to choose from, including a magnificent blue-black shade. That’s right, our Colour Infusions range has a rich and glossy blue-black hair colour that you’ll be falling head over heels for Renew’s Colour Infusion range uses technology that locks in colour by penetrating deep into the hair fibre. This paves the way for an intense colour payout. This permanent blue-black hue from Renew will be sure to revitalise your roots and give your tresses a luxurious shine.

Blue Black Hair Colouring Techniques

Blueberry hair colour

Blueberry | Image Source: Instagram

Blue-black hair can make for a really chic look. Depending on the hair colouring technique; the style can be super versatile and look different for every individual. From going all out with an all-over blue-black hair colour to having highlighted blue-black streaks, the options are endless. Here’s a closer look at some of the colouring techniques that you can achieve with our blue-black hair colour.

Dark Roots With  Blue Black Ombre

So vintage blue black hair colour

Darkened Ombre | Image Source: Instagram


This blue-black ombre stands out like no other. We’re absolutely loving the unique take on this style and colour. From the dark black roots to the gorgeous blue-black shading, it’s gorgeous. We’re also loving her wavy long hair. If you want to add character to your tresses, then this is definitely a colour you should go for.

To All Over Blue Black Colour

So vintage blue black hair colour

So Vintage | Image Source: Instagram

If you like to make a bold statement with your hair, then this one’s for you. Taking on the ‘all-over’ hair colouring technique will show off your daring and fierce nature. This grunge look is mesmerising, unapologetic and absolutely fearless. Go ahead and ignite your tresses with an electrifying dark blue shade. If you want to add more depth and dimension, add some big soft curls.

Blue Black Highlights

Charming blue black highlights

So Vintage | Image Source: Instagram

Here’s another striking blue-black hair colouring technique: highlights. Who doesn’t love stunning highlights? It’s one of the most sought after looks and we can see why. This hair colouring technique will be sure to bring out your inner radiance and charm everyone around you. We also love the depth and dimension that highlighting adds to the hair. It’s definitely one of those looks that you have to try at least once in your lifetime.

Colour Melt Blue Black

Blue Black melt hair colour

Blue Black melt | Image Source: Instagram

Have you heard about the colour melt technique? It’s when a hair colour cascades down so flawlessly from the roots to the ends that there are no distinct lines in hair colour. Take this eye-catching blue-black colour melt, for example, it’s just flawless. It’s simple yet so vivid at the same time. If you get a spark from trying new things, then this colour melt technique is the perfect option for you. You can achieve the lighter ends if your tips are a brighter colour than your roots, otherwise, you can pre-lighten the tips before dying your hair blue-black. Either way, it’ll make for a fantastic colour melt technique.    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.