4 Must-Have Hair Tools

Great colour aside, there are definitely a few hair tools that can help you have a good hair day every day. Whether you use them before work each day or for those big events, they play a part in many occasions, big and small.

At Renew, we pride ourselves on our legacy of amazing colour for amazing people. Through our extensive ranges and variety of shades, we’ve helped individuals embrace a new look and a confidence boost.

From old favourites like hair dryers to flat irons and even a few new inventions, here are the hair tools that many swear are worth the investment.

On the straight and narrow

hair tools for that sleek look

Flat and fabulous

A hair straightener, otherwise known as a flat iron, is one of those helpful hair tools that many of us rely on daily. Some choose to iron their entire head of hair, whilst others just use it to tame those pesky flyaway strands.

Either way, if you invest in a decent one, it will last you several years. It’s also a great way for those with naturally curly hair to change things up every now and then. If you’ve got patience and some nimble hands, you can even use your hair iron to create beautiful waves and curls.

We suggest choosing one with numerous heat settings so that you don’t unknowingly damage your hair. Look for ones with new technologies and coatings that protect the hair from harsh temperatures.

An added bonus is one that will switch the iron off if you’ve accidentally left it on and gone out… whoops. It’s one of the perfect hair tools for short hair and even longer locks as well.


A grown-up hairdryer

Cut down on heating - Renew Hair

Try to make minimal use of your hairdryer during winter

For many of us, a more expensive hair dryer is often a grudge buy because we’re convinced that a cheap and cheerful one will do the trick. Why are salon-grade hairdryers worth their weight in gold?

For starters, they cut your drying time in half, which is always a win. This makes it one of the essential tools for long hair. Secondly, they limit the time that your hair is exposed to heat via blowdrying. Don’t worry about it being too heavy and bulky.

New models are actually pretty compact and lighter than you would expect, making them ideal for those holidays you’ve got planned for December.

Waving a magic wand

Curling tools are the magic wands for any female looking to change up a bad hair day in a sort amount of time

Twist and pout


A curling iron has long been a hairstyling staple. In more recent years it has had to make way for the curling wand, a fuss-free and more modern way to get those red-carpet curls.

If you prefer an old-school curling iron that’s okay too but we have to give credit to these magic wands. Not only do they make achieving waves and curls a breeze but they’re also more gentle on hair thanks to multiple heat settings. After a quick youtube tutorial, you should be all set. It’s also really fun to use too!

A brush with greatness

Hair brushes is a must have hair tool for any and all hair

Say no to tangles

Brushes are another tool that many don’t see the value in buying well. It’s important to note that the right brushes don’t break the hair and they also help tame frizz.

If blowdrying your hair is your styling method of choice, we definitely recommend that you up your brush game. A good blow dry brush will lead to a faster and smoother end result, which is what we’re all looking for.

If you’re finding it tough to get a great effect at the moment, don’t be so quick to blame your hairdryer, it could be the brushes you’re using.

Make colour the most important styling tool

No matter how you choose to style your hair, there’s no tool that makes up for dull colour. This makes it vital that you select a make of dye that really cares for your hair.

At Renew, our range of shades help you keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant. It’s why you’re only ever one shade away from amazing. For more on our collection, please click here.

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