Highlights Just Got a 2020 Update

Looking to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your look? Then highlights are the way to go. Not only are they easy to achieve at home, but highlights add an instant update to your hair without any major commitments.

Allow us to highlight some of the other benefits of the style:


1. Much less maintenance

Highlights don’t need as much touching up as a full head of colour. When your entire base colour is different, your root regrowth is much more noticeable and requires a lot of extra time and attention. The regrowth with highlights is far more subtle and you can go up to 6 – 8 weeks before needing to redo it.


2. Way less damaging

If your hair is struggling with the harsher winter weather, then now might not be the best time for a full head of bleach. Your hair takes several weeks to recover after colouring and will then need to be touched up every 4 weeks or so. Strategically placed highlights mean that not every strand of hair needs to be lightened, decreasing overall damage and need for upkeep and reapplication.


3.Yay for disguising the greys

Light highlights blend in with your greys, softening the harsh difference between the greys and your natural colour.


4. Gives you an instant glow up

Lighter streaks add depth to your hair colour and enhance your skin tone. With the added illusion of more volume, more warmth and the way highlights frame your face, you’ll look and feel like you’ve had a full makeover.


5. So many ways to highlight your hair

Highlights are super versatile. You can play around with the tone and thickness of the streaks. Opt for some face-framing strands or go for a full head of highlights – bold or low key, it’s up to you.


6. An instant update

Highlights can instantly give you a trendy new update by enhancing your cut or giving your one-dimensional colour a bolder pop.

7. You can get the look at home

There’s no need to wait for salons to reopen to freshen up your hair with some highlights. You just need Renew’s DIY Highlights Kits. These kits have everything you need to achieve highlights at home. Each box comes with detailed instructions on how to achieve shiny, healthy highlights – quickly, easily and permanently. You’ll have complete control over the final look and can create something that’s truly suited to your style.

The hottest hair colour trends: 2020 Highlights styles

Got your heart set on highlights? Ah-mazing! Now you just need to decide on the type of application. Here are some of the hottest highlight trends to try:

Golden Highlights

Golden Highlights

Golden Highlights | Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Adding a warm golden glow to your look is always on-trend. We love these natural golden highlights that’ll brighten up the dullest winter day. Talk about dreamy summer vibes all year-’round.

Face Framing Strands

Face Framing Highlights - emo girl

Face Framing Highlights | Image Source: All Things Hair

You’ll definitely have seen this look all over TikTok. The e-girl look is created by highlighting two thick strands around either side of your face. Easy to achieve and super trendy. Expect to see this trend hanging around for a while. If it’s good enough for celebs like Dua Lipa, it’s good enough for us.

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate truffle hair highlights

Chocolate truffle | Image Source: Allure

It’s not only blondes who can have fun with highlights. Brunette babes can add some subtle depth to their hair with warmer brunette highlights that contrast against a cool base tone. We’re inspired by Priyanka Chopra’s feminine look.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights

Caramel highlights | Image Source: All Things Hair

A look as warm as apple pie. Yummy caramel highlights work well for auburn hair, giving it a lighter lift. We also love the autumnal feel of this style.

Pretty In Pastel

Pretty in pastel

Pretty in pastel | Image Source: Instagram

Highlights don’t only have to look natural to be effective. If you’re into something a little more high key, then adding bold or pastel colours to your highlights is totally the trend for you.

We always love to see your fresh new looks. Tag us in your ‘Grams or TikToks so we can hype up your hair.


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