Top 5 Tips For DIY Hair

I’m a fan of regularly changing my hair, and I like going the DIY hair route. We all lead busy lives, so colouring your hair at home makes sense, both for your budget and for your schedule sometimes. Even my hairdresser agrees, as he often gives me a home kit to touch up my colour if I can’t find the time to make it back to the salon.

When I worked as a personal trainer, I was known as “the girl who changed her hair every month”. It’s a title I like to live up to, and I change my hair as often as I want. It’s great to try a new trend or mix it up with an outrageous colour.

Whatever you do, you need to make it your own. If you’re confidently rocking it, everyone else will see that confidence radiating through and love it too.
My hair colour is currently my natural dark brown but with pink and pastel pink streaks. It started off as a gorgeous magenta, but as it has faded out I haven’t touched it up again because now I’m obsessed with all things pastel.

But that’s why DIY hair is fantastic, because it caters for those of us who are keen on sticking to basic colours like Renew’s Natural Brown and the more adventurous among us who want to make a statement, with a colour like Renew’s Mulberry dye.

The beauty of the DIY hair colour is that you can choose to do it at any time. You buy it, you do it, and you dry it. Done!

My 5 must have items to prevent your bathroom (and you) from becoming a mess:

  • A salon gown (I bought mine from Everlasting in Durban)
  • Gloves (Always keep a pair for when you wash your hair)
  • A big hair clip to clip your hair up
  • An old shower cap to pile your hair into (I do this when I want to sit and do some work while the colour is developing).
  • An old towel (I use the same one every time)

Remember to always use petroleum jelly on your ears and around your face in case you accidentally splash a bit of dye on yourself. By doing this it is so much easier to just wash it off.

Hair is hair, have fun with it! You can always change it back.

As Thomas Pynchon says: “Can’t say it often enough – change your hair, change your life.”

Written by: Jane Kilian

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