Vibrant, bright, colourful and pink are four words I’d use to describe myself. Once I lay my eyes on Renew Perfect Colour Pink Passion I was excited and hooked on becoming a pinky. I started dyeing my hair pink over a year ago with the product and it was my first experience with pre-lighting my entire head. I dyed my once brown hair to a bright blonde and was frightened. Once I applied the Pink Passion hair dye I was obsessed with the outcome.

Since then I have touched up my roots about 4-5 times and the results have always been highly satisfactory. I mix the pink with my white conditioner to make a more baby pink which is my favourite colour and always get many compliments on the colour. The product itself does not damage my hair which surprised me and encouraged me to continue dyeing my hair. Another reason I love Renew Perfect Colour Pink Passion is the affordability and ease of dyeing my hair at home. I’ll continue to dye my hair pink for as long as possible and always using Renew.
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