Tips And Tricks For Gorgeous Winter Hairstyles.

Keeping your winter hairstyles stylish and healthy this winter doesn’t have to be a mission. You can start off with your favourite colour from the Renew Colour Infusion range. You’ll be happy to know that each box comes with an Aloe and Milk Protein conditioner, to help nourish your hair and keep that gorgeous colour for longer.

To make sure that you don’t dry your hair out while styling it, here are some tips and tricks so that you can avoid using that straightener.

1. Try the double-ponytail winter hairstyle trick

Does the occasion call for a long ponytail, but you’ve got shortish hair? Don’t worry you can fake long hair with the double-ponytail.

Begin by colouring with Renew Light Golden Brown or Almond for a gorgeous starting shade.
Then follow these 7 simple steps:

tips for a fuller ponytail

Renew princess bow

Glam it up with a bow for a princess vibe.

1. Start off by shaking your locks for a bit of volume.

2. Tie the top half of your hair into a ponytail.

3. Take the rest of your hair to form the second ponytail. Try to create a little distance between the ponytails to create a longer length (Don’t go overboard as the separation will show).

4. Now that you have your ponies, fluff the top one.

5. Bring the two together by twisting them over each other.

6. Ensure that the bottom one is hidden.

7. Then, the most important step – Go show off that full, long ponytail and upload a selfie on the Renew Facebook page!

2. Sport beautiful waves without the heat

You don’t need heat for these waves. Your headband is your secret weapon for those loose, beachy waves.

Get it right with these steps:

Winter Hairstyles No Heat Curls

Renew curly hair no heat bohemian

Add a cute flower crown for a bohemian look.

1. Shampoo your hair and keep it a little damp.

2. Before you go to bed, twist a part of your hair around the headband and tuck it into your headband and carry on doing these twists with all your hair.

3. Your hair should look like a crown on your hair when you’re done.

4. Push the band up, so it doesn’t leave a line on your forehead.

5. Wake up in the morning, pull the band out.

6. Work your fingers through your locks.

7. Spray for finishing touches and go turn heads.


3. Winter Hairstyles – Fake your bangs

You don’t need to cut your hair for this winter hairstyle. Start off with a deep brown shade like Renew Mocha.

Then follow these steps to get a topknot and bangs, without the snip:

Renew Fake Bangs idea

Renew top knot glam

Finish off the look with a colourful headwrap.

1. Begin by tying your hair in a high pony.

2. Separate your ponytail into two halves. Pin the back half back with a bobby pin.

3. Take the front part of your pony and bring it to the front.

4. Secure it with two bobby pins at the crown of your head.

5. Make sure you secure it in a way that you get bangs at the length you like.

6. Remove the bobby pin from the back part of your pony and twist it around the first part of the pony.

7. Neatly secure with bobby pins.

8. Bangs and top knot – sorted.


4. Feel like a Goddess in your braids

Give the French braid a rest and try a classy updo like the Goddess braid. Start off with a pretty red shade like Renew Rich Auburn Mahogany.

Renew goddess braids

Renew goddess flower crown

Accessorise with flower details for a dainty touch.

Then follows these steps to get this beautiful winter hairstyle:

Begin with tying your hair in a high pony.

1. Carry on braiding along your hairline, till you reach the other side of your head.

2. Continue with the French braid with the remaining hair.

3. Wrap up the braid, so it sits behind your French braid.

4. Secure with bobby pins.

5. Loosen the braid for comfort.

6. Add more bobby pins for that great finish.

7. You’re ready to paint the town red.

Stylish, healthy hair just got easier with these simple tutorials. Which one will you be trying out? Go to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and let us know.