The hottest natural hair dyes for summer

In case you missed the memo, natural is back. We see Insta models ditching the filters and showing us the real them, proving that natural is beautiful and needs to be embraced. Our natural hair is gorgeous but sometimes it needs a little boost. And while we love our bright and stunning range of rainbow hair colours, giving your hair a break with more natural hair dyes is never a bad idea.

If you’re looking to tone it down a bit this summer, we got you girl. Renew’s Intense Naturals hair dye range contains a unique combination of three natural African oils, and an ammonia-free complex, which allows you to achieve rich natural-looking hair colour with 100% grey coverage. That means you get deep, rich colour and nourish your hair at the same time. Win win. Say hello to the future of natural hair dyes!

Here are our top five picks for a natural, but head-turning, hair colour this summer



Your life may not be perfect, but your hair colour can be with Red Grape. | Image source: Renew
When you want red hair without the commitment, Renew Intense Naturals in Red Grape is your girl. Achieve an intense, deep red hair colour in the comfort of your home and get salon-quality results. This hair colour will also work nicely on dark hair,  giving it a gorgeous and shimmery red colour in the sunlight.


Blueberry hair colour, we don’t care! | Image source: Renew
Black hair is great, but blue back is even better. Give your hair a burst of new colour by using Renew’s Intense Naturals in blue black. This shade is a combination of two tones to give you that mystical midnight blue colour. Now you can get your blue hue on without using a single drop of bleach – and nourish your hair at the same time. And that’s on period!


May your hair colour show the blackcurrant glow! | Image source: Renew
Spotted a grey or white hair amongst your gorgeous black locks? It happens to the best of us, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Renew’s Intense Naturals in Black Currant revitalises and strengthens your naturally black hair. It’s infused with three nourishing oils – Baobab Oil, Palm Oil and Brazil Nut Oil – to treat your hair and give it a glossy look.


Life is too short to have boring hair colour! | Image source: Renew
Let’s get one thing straight, brown hair is anything but boring. It comes in so many different shades and complements every skin tone. If you’re wanting to bring a little more depth and richness to your exisiting naturally brown hair, Renew’s Intense Naturals in Fudge Indulgence will do the trick. It’s warm, deep and rich and will bring out your inner glow.


Keep calm and love a girl with cherry chocolate hair colour. | Image source: Renew
They say that blondes have more fun, but when redheads and brunettes combine, it’s a showdown! Sweeten up your brown hair by giving it new depth and dimension with a bold colour. Renew’s Intense Naturals in Cherry Chocolate gives your hair a reddish brown look that glistens beautifully in the sun. Be sure to look out for golden hour to snap those pics!