5 New Renew Shades For The Perfect Summer Hair Colours

Summer hair called, she wants you to sizzle all season long. With the help of a new permanent hair colour product, from us of course, you can do just that. When it comes to making sure you’re prepared for the hottest time of the year, you need to bring your hair’s A-game.

This makes looking the part a definite must. Luckily, Renew is here with some new arrivals to help you have the best summer yet. When it comes to choosing a fresh shade, there are several boxes you need to tick. From cost to quality of colour, finished result and even after-care, we’ve always got you covered.

It’s why we’re the trusted brand in home hair colour and why we’ve given you five new showstoppers to choose from!

Our fabulous recent additions are about to make a serious splash, just in time for everyone’s favourite time of the year. Whether you’re looking for something different for a year-end holiday or a way to brighten up your hair after a long year, we know just what you need.

Whilst you have many choices on the market, you should always be mindful of which permanent hair colour product to go for is totally yours, we think you’d be interested in what we’ve just released.

Whether you’re just looking for an idea or game for a summer hair change, here’s what you should consider this season.

Pssst… we’ve got five new shades.

If the Renew offering wasn’t already a varied one, we’ve just added five new colours that are ready to make waves this summer. Here’s a little more on each one and why you might one to try it and make it your own.


With Butterscotch, you get all the warmth of a blonde with enough brightness to give you that beach effect. Get ready to let the sunshine in and add a dose of sweetness to your life with Butterscotch.

A celebrity who has already embraced this shade is none other than “it girl” Gigi Hadid. With some tousled beach waves, she’s got that summer hair look on lockdown. She’s made her ends even lighter to bring some added dimension too. Nice one, Gigi. We approve. After all, there’s nothing sweeter than a new hair colour!

gorgeous summer hair colour

Golden girl goals
Image source: http://www.saschabreuer.com/

Iced Tea

Need a little style refresh? Our new Iced Tea hits all the right notes. It’s a coppery shade that packs a colour punch so that you can sparkle all summer. If you’ve got a light to medium skin tone, this is perfect for you. It’ll really pop if you’ve got light eyes too.

A star who has been onto this look for quite some time is Julia Roberts. Known for her classic approach to style and beauty, we think this looks stunning on her. She’s also added a few pink highlights for a little fun.

iced tea summer hair colour

Image source: https://whatwomanneeds.com


Whoever said that summer’s hottest colours are only made up of lighter shades clearly hadn’t heard our latest addition, Espresso. This rich, gorgeous brown has a golden tint to it to bring you the warmth you’re looking for this season. It is also a great way for existing brunettes to brighten their darker tresses without going blonde.

Emily Ratajkowski knows all too well that this shade is a true showstopper. Not that she doesn’t look good in absolutely any hair colour. We also think that this sleek cut is a summer hair must because it cuts down the time you need to get ready.

This means you can spend longer next to the pool or at the beach. So why not try a dazzling brunette? Some say it’s one of the best summer hair colours.

Espresso summer hair colour trend

A shot of Espresso
Image source: https://www.hellomagazine.com

Honey Chai

Another sweet addition to our collection, Honey Chai, is a true shade sensation. As a subtle, golden honey blonde, this colour is a great way to boost your blonde without going too far. We love it for its simplicity and for the way it gives you that summer glow.

Julianne Hough makes this colour look effortless. It also makes her hair look super healthy. Her skin also appears to have that sun-kissed aura as well.

Golden honey blonde summer hair colour with Renew

Honey Halo
Image source: http://one1lady.com/

Berry Frappuccino

The fruits of your hair colour labour will be worth it if you choose to embrace our Berry Frappuccino. If you’ve always wanted to go red, why not make summer the perfect time to dive in? Fortune and great hair favour the brave.

Drew Barrymore makes this shade hair goal with her waves and shorter crop. It’s a fun way to go red without being too in your face. It’s also a gorgeous enhancement for lighter coloured eyes.

try a shade of red hair this summer

Berry Stunning
Image source: https://www.marieclaire.com/

One shade could change your summer

At Renew, you’re only one shade away from amazing. If you’re ready to take the plunge and embrace a new look this season, we’d love to be on that journey with you.

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If you try our new shades, let us know. We always love hearing what you think.