Renew’s Royal Wedding Roundup

The royal wedding was a historical day for everyone, especially for the self-proclaimed fashionistas. There is a huge amount of inspiration to soak up from Harry and Meghan’s special day. That’s why the Renew Royal Wedding Roundup is here to show you how to make these styles your own.

Amal almighty

Our royal wedding roundup starts with the always astounding Amal Clooney.

The way her gorgeous dark brown hair complemented her mustard outfit was a dazzling treat for everyone to see.

That sweet treat could be yours too with the help of Renew’s Intense Naturals Fudge Indulgence.

Fudge Indulgence works so well with a long wavy style. If you want to rock this look like she does then mustard yellow isn’t your only friend.

Bright orange, subtle golds and even a pale brown outfit will also make you royal wedding-worthy. A light brown sweater with white pants is the best way to win at winter this year if you want to make Amal’s colour your own.

You can see her from Amal away.

Amal Clooney with Renew’s Intense Naturals Fudge

Image Source: Forbes


The lady in pink

We have to give props to Cressida for not just attending her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, but for looking so fabulous while doing it.

Cressida used various shades of pinks and greens to her advantage. That made her blonde hair shimmer as bright as she does.

Her subtle makeup and minimal accessories did wonders for the simple and stunning style she was aiming for.

If you loved this bright look as much as we did then use Renew’s Intense Naturals Beach Sand to recreate a Cressida Bonas blonde do.

She’s shown us that pinks and light colours work well with this graceful shade. Don’t be afraid to mix it up as pink goes well with everything. As long as pink is your main colour, you can wear a multi-coloured outfit for a fun and fresh take on this look.

A beautiful Bonas.

Cressida Bonas with Renew’s Intense Naturals Beach Sand

Image source: Cosmopolitan


Royal delight

Whether she’s a bride or a guest, Pippa always looks spectacular at a royal wedding.

Pippa’s light brown locks in a twisted bun and floral outfit were a vision of royal grace.

Pippa’s graceful light brown hairdo could be yours with Renew’s Intense Naturals Hazel Delight.

The way to make this look all yours is to follow Pippa’s lead. Hair accessories are also a good idea to bring this colour to life.

Light brown is a versatile and amicable colour that works with any shade of any colour.

If you want to wear it with a dress then royal blue, light green, scarlet, hot pink and white are the best colours to unlock the full majesty of this refined tone.

A beautiful bride and a gorgeous guest.

Pippas Intense Naturals Hazel Delight with Renew

Image Source: Style Blog


The royal cousin

Style runs through the royals’ blood and Lady Kitty Spencer, the cousin of the royal groom, is here to prove it.

This aqua green ensemble is a neat and crisp look that’s as sophisticatedly royal as the Queen herself.

Kitty’s hair colour really pulled this look together and completed the serene style you see before you. This look could be yours too with Renew’s Intense Naturals Honey Bee kit.

The right way to make this regal look uniquely yours is to wear it with bold, striking colours, just like Lady Kitty.

Purple, blue, red or an elegant black gown will make you fit for the fanciest gatherings in all the land. Your Honey Bee blonde hair will work even better for your fancy look with a dainty necklace and simple earrings.

A royal jewel.

Lady Kitty Spenser with Renew’s Intense Naturals Honey Bee kit

Image Source: Allure

Here comes the bride

The royal wedding was a star-studded event filled with dazzling styles and legendary looks, but we can all agree that Meghan Markle was a beautiful bride.

Meghan’s messy bun is a unique bridal hairstyle that really SUITS her. Her silky black hair was held perfectly by her tiara.

If you want to look like the stunning royal bride of 2018, then all you need is Renew’s Intense Naturals Black Currant.

This hair colour obviously goes very well with white, but that’s not all it works with.

Any simple outfit will work well with this elegant tone.

I now pronounce you…Stunning.

Meghans Renew’s Intense Naturals Black Currant

Image Source: Glamour

That ends our royal wedding roundup. There was so much inspiration to capture in this historical event. If you want Renew to keep giving you the hottest styles then follow us on Facebook and Instagram.