Express your Creativity with Purple Hair Colour from Renew

Gorgeous purple hair with Renew

Divine Purple | Instagram

“Your hair is how you feel. I feel purple today.” – Jackie Emery

Purple is the essence of luxury and royalty. It is the colour of creativity, spirituality, mystery and magic. If you’re someone who is idealistic and highly intuitive, then you already know that a purple hair colour is in the cards for you.

At Renew we have two standout purple shades: Purple Lavender from our Colour Play Kit and Purple Fantasy from our Perfect Colour range.

We’re going to show you some fun ideas on how you can switch up your style with purple hair and different makeup looks. You’re in for a treat with this one. Not only will the outcome be striking, but it’ll help keep you busy during these quarantine days.

So, whilst your staying at home and enjoying some me-time; you can sharpen up your look with Renew by trying out these fun and creative looks.

Renew’s Colour Play Kit: Purple Lavender

Purple lavender hair colour

Purple Lavender | Renew

Are you ready to play with colour? Our Colour Play Kits are specifically designed to help you create your own and unique style. Using our ever so popular Purple Lavender shade; you can experiment with colour and choose to go for either a bold purple or a pastel purple hue.

Renew’s Colour Play kit is so versatile. It allows you to achieve highlights, streaks or ombre hair colouring techniques, all in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some fun looks that you can try with your majestic Purple Lavender hair:

Pastel Waves And a Soft Glam

Dreamy purple hair

Dreamy Hair | Instagram

Take your Rapunzel-like hair to the next level by colouring it a dreamy purple shade. This luxurious look will have you feeling like royalty in no time. Add to your princess look by keeping your makeup looking natural.

Use soft pink and purple eyeshadows to brighten up your eyes and stick to a nude lipstick to balance out your look. Put on some wispy lashes and you’ll be ready to make the best out of any moment.

Strong Hues

Renew: Purple hair

Creative Concept | Instagram

If you love a bold look then this one’s for you. Whist her hair is a rocking pastel purple shade, she’s pairing it with a deep red makeup look. This colour contrast plays with both bright and dark hues and we’re loving it.

Intensify your eyes and lips with a pretty red shade and it’ll make your Purple Lavender hair stand out even more. Go for bold and dark brows to enhance your daring look.

Renew Perfect Colour: Purple Fantasy

Purple fantasy

Purple Fantasy | Renew

Our Perfect Colours range has an intense deep purple shade that’ll have all your hair fantasies coming to life. That’s right, our Purple Fantasy shade is the perfect go-to colour to ignite all of your hair colour desires. Stand out with this extravagant shade when you go from the bedroom to the lounge.

This range also includes an argan oil crème colourant, conditioning treatment and shine serum that’ll enrich your hair and leave it feeling soft and silky. Try out this purple shade and feel revitalised with your new look.

Here are some bomb looks you can try with your plush Purple Fantasy hair:

The New Classic: Pink And Purple

Classic pink and purple hair with Renew

Elegance in Hair | Instagram

If you’re more on the feminine side and you love being a girly girl then this look is for you. Colour your hair with our Purple Fantasy shade for a deep rich look, and then pair it up with a glowy makeup look. Use bright pink shades and an iridescent highlight to bring out your inner beauty.

Keep your brows and lip shades looking natural so that your colourful eyeshadow and hair can be the ultimate standout. This look will be sure to enhance your femininity and caring nature.

The Girl Next Door

Renew: Fantastic purple

Ready in Five Minutes | Instagram

If you’re a girl on the go and you enjoy rocking a natural glam with bold hair, then this look is for you. Colour your hair in our vivid Purple Fantasy shade. This vibrant hair colour will be sure to brighten up your look with its striking hues. To achieve the perfect fresh-faced makeup look, use the essentials: eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and brows. Stick to natural colours so that your Purple Fantasy hair will stand out as the main event.

Having purple hair can be an absolute game-changer. It’ll give you the confidence to express yourself in the most creative ways possible. Tell us in the comments below which purple shade you’re thinking of trying next, and let us know what your go-to makeup style is.

Tag us on Facebook and Instagram too so that we can see how you’ve paired your marvellous purple hair with your favourite makeup looks. We can’t wait to see your creativity shine through your style.