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Makeup Tips For Black Haired Beauties

Your outfit is picked out, your plans for the night are made, and you’re all set to debut your awesome new black hair colour. Well, almost. After checking yourself out in every mirror you own, you’ve come to the conclusion that something just isn’t looking right. It’s not your hair – you LOVE your hair. It’s not the outfit – a pair of jeans has never fitted you better! And it can’t be the makeup, can it? It’s exactly how you’ve always done your makeup.

Actually, that’s exactly what the problem is! Why? Your new hair colour has actually changed the way your complexion looks. What used to work with your old hair colour is now less flattering on your complexion. But before you freak out, we’ve got all you need to know about which makeup is most flattering for women with black hair colour.

Dark hair can make skin look pale. To counteract this, opt for deeper colours on your cheeks and lips. While pastels could make you look washed out, rosy pink, rosy brown, brownish pinks and even bluish reds will make sure your features stand out. Other flattering lip colours include warm reds, raspberry reds, berry colours and soft plums. Avoid orangey reds and strong pink.

To add definition to your eyes without adding too much darkness, try using more neutral shades on your eyes. Light brown or mocha eye shadows and dark brown or charcoal liners are most likely to be a hit. And black mascara, as always, is an absolute must.

Eyebrows are an important element to factor in, too – especially if the leap from your natural colour to black has been a big one. Make sure that your eyebrows are well groomed and coloured in to match your hair colour as closely as possible. You can also consider having your eyebrows tinted by a professional.

And there you have it! Now you’re all set to impress with your brand new look. Black hair colour never looked better!

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