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Tips To Make Your Black Hair Colour Last

There’s nothing worse than hair colour that fades. You deserve to look and feel your best no matter the season. Whether you’re a fan of jet black hair or even black hair with highlights, you’ll want to keep your tresses in top condition. When you love your hair, it loves you right back. Why not keep your dark colour looking fresh and fabulous with the help of these top tips?

Black Hair Colour on beautifully long wavy hair

It’s your time to shine

Tip 1: Make sure your hair is in good condition

Starting with a good base is the key to making sure that your hair dye holds well. If you’ve been in a cycle of colouring and heat styling your hair, you might want to take a break before choosing your next shade. To help tide you over whilst you wait for your hair to recuperate, a healthy trim will speed up the process and banish any split ends.

Tip 2: Choose your hair dye wisely

Not all hair dyes were created equal. We suggest reading the packaging and seeing what ingredients each one contains. Choosing an ammonia-free formulation like Renew Intense Naturals will also lessen the damage factor often associated with hair colour. With the added benefit of Milk and Aloe Protein Conditioner, all Renew shades help lock in moisture for colour that really shines.

Tip 3: Once coloured, skip the washing for three days

Leaving your new black hair colour to settle for 72 hours is a must for extending its lifespan. This is because the dye can seep out of your hair if it is washed too soon after colouring. As a result, your cherished shade of jet black might very well become a dark grey if you wash your hair right away. Don’t risk it, let it settle and lock it in!

Tip 4: Make it a goal to wash your hairless

Dry shampoo has got to be one of the beauty industry’s greatest inventions. It’s also a way to help your hair keep its vibrant colour. The natural oils found on your scalp and in your hair help to preserve your chosen shade. This means that excessive washing can strip your hair of these oils and dull your colour in the process.

Tip 5: Have a break from the heat

Many of us rely on heat styling to get our hair looking the way we want it to. This often means exposing our tresses to unnecessary damage. Did you know that heat can dull your colour and leave your hair more prone to split ends? If you must use your hairdryer, flat iron or curling wand, turn the temperature down and use it at a lower heat. If you can, embrace your natural texture and work it girl.

Tip 6: Maintain. Maintain. Maintain.

If black is your chosen shade, we’re just letting you know that this can be a fair amount of effort to maintain. To keep your colour looking fresh and vibrant, you’ll need to be committed to those touch-ups. Whilst timings can differ between heads of hair, most people find that they require root touch-ups every 6-8 weeks.

Black Hair Colour on a beautifully long wavy hair and a red top

Don’t skip those touch-ups

Find your perfect shade that won’t fade

At Renew, you’re only ever one shade away from amazing. With a variety of colours to choose from, there’s one to suit every skin tone and preference. If you could use a new hair adventure, why not click here to select your next look? If we’ve helped you embrace a new you, why not share your finished results with us, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we’d love to see what you chose.