6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Winter Hair

Over the course of winter 2019, we’ve watched winter hair colours take their cue from the elements. Whilst this is hardly anything new, we can say that some of these shades are slightly out of the box from what we’ve seen in the past. From spicy hues to moody tones, there are more than enough options to suit every skin tone and preference.

Although there’s a variety to choose from, we suggest considering your skin tone before you take the plunge. Why? Not every shade works for everyone. That’s okay. It’s part of why we’re all wonderfully unique. Plus, imagine if we all walked around with the same hair!

To see what skin tone you’re classified as, take a closer look at your wrist. You will need to examine your veins for some nights into your particular tone. If these appear purple or blue, you will be a cool skin tone.

Should they look like they are green or yellow, you have a warm skin tone. Warmer tones should avoid golden shades and those with a cool tone should steer clear of reddish coppers.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can move onto the best hair colours for this time of the year. Which hair colours have caught our eye for winter? Here are our favourites in no particular order and we even think they’ll transition well into spring too!

When blonde and rosé become besties

This one is a slightly muted take on the pink hair that many of us loved last year. We actually prefer this to brighter versions because it’s more classic and better suited to those formal occasions. Technically, this is known as rose blonde but we’re going to call it rosé blonde because we can.

Blonde and Rose hair colour

Rosé all day
Images source: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

Getting that vitamin C

We’ve all heard that vitamin C is crucial for winter health but who knew that you could embrace some orange in your hair?

Enter Blorange hair, which takes its inspiration from a blood orange. In all honesty, it’s a mixture of blonde, copper and pink.

Together, they make a shade that some just can’t get enough of. It’s one of those that has divided the masses and you either hate it or love it. What do you think?

Embracing Blorange this season

Take your pick of juicy winter hair colours
Image source: www.realstylenetwork.com

Getting the chills

This winter hair colour is hardly anything groundbreaking since stars like Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne made it their own. Ice blonde is still a major must when it comes to winter tresses and we think it’s a definite show stopper.

Whether you have long or short hair this one suits them all. Just make sure you give your hair extra TLC if you go this light.

Trending: Ice blonde hair

Ice is nice 
Image source: www.absurdstyles.com

Keeping it bold

Believe it or not, classic black is still a fantastic shade for winter hair. This means that raven-haired beauties around the world can rest easy knowing that they’re already on-trend. That being said, it is an easy shade to get wrong.

If you don’t have a warm skin tone, maybe avoid this one as it can make you look very pale.

Darker hair shades

The dark side 
Image source: fashionisers.com

Extra cinnamon, please…

Cinnamon isn’t only for those lattes and milk tart. It’s phenomenal when it’s a shade on your head. Whether you choose a few highlights or go full tilt, cinnamon is a great way to get the warming effects of reds and coppers without going too bold.

With his one being super warm. It will enhance skin tone, acting as the ultimate winter accessory.

cinnamon hair colour

You’re only one shade away from amazing 
Image source: www.popsugar.com

At Renew, we’re passionate about helping you look and feel your best. We love that we’re able to help our loyal customers change things up every now and then with a fresh head of colour.

It’s why we’re always looking to bring an even greater world of colour to you. If you’ve tried any of these looks out, why not let us know how they turned out? We would love to see how you made each one of these shades your own in a way that only you can. For more inspiration that helps you look amazing no matter the season, please click here.

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